The Price of Matt Schaub's Ear: $50K & One-Game Suspension

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Photo by NFL
Matt Schaub, with full complement of ears.
Losing on your home field to a team you might have to beat in the NFL playoffs? Priceless.

Taking off a chunk of the opposing QB's ear with a cheap hit? Not so priceless. In fact, it has quite the specific price tag attached.

And that tag, according to the league, is....$50,000. Plus a one-game suspension during which you no doubt can contemplate how little $50K means to the average NFL linebacker, after which you will no doubt smile to yourself and ponder again how you got one over on Texans, quarterbacks everywhere and league officials.

Denver Broncos linebacker Joe Mays received word today about his punishment for the hit he gave Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in Sunday's 31-25 Houston win.

The helmet-to-helmet hit came in the third quarter as the game was slipping out of the Broncos' reach before they launched a semi-comeback. It knocked off Schaub's helmet, in the process taking off a chunk of the QB's earlobe.

We tried to compare Schaub's ear-osity to other similar incidents in the past, but couldn't finally decide on a decent metric. Best to leave it to the experts in New York, we guess.

Mays has been caught at this kind of thing before. He apologized to Schaub, which no doubt eased much of the Texan's physical pain, and has said he is considering appealing the suspension.

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Jim Costello
Jim Costello

Mays is a turd. Looked as if the Saint's bounty system was in play there.

John Carpenter
John Carpenter

A great opportunity for Dick DeGuerin to file a civil suit

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