Matt Schaub and Five Other Cringeworthy Ear Injuries in Pop Culture

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3. Peter Cuts Off A Guard's Ear In The Bible
In the account of Judas's betrayal of Jesus Christ, Peter reached for his sword and cut off a guard's ear. But being the good guy he is -- Jesus reattaches the guard's ear. Who said the Bible was boring?

From the Good Book:

Then Simon Peter drew a sword and slashed off the right ear of Malchus, the high priest's slave.

2. Quentin Tarantino, Stealers Wheel and an Unlucky Cop
We all know that director QT loves his blood, guts and cinematic octane. Michael Madsen's Mr. Blonde taunting a captive cop with a little soft shoe to Stealers Wheel's radio hit "Stuck in the Middle with You."

1. Drama Queen Vincent Van Gogh Cuts His Own Ear Off (Maybe)
In 2009, new reports came out that maybe the artist Van Gogh didn't cut off part of his own ear, and that actually it happened in a fight with his friend, French artist Paul Gauguin. The image of cutting his own ear off in a fit of passionate rage was too good to pass up, it seems, for the artist. It makes for great emo lore.

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Moises Palacios
Moises Palacios

^^^who shit in your grits Jeremaiah Mccalip??! How's the taste of defeat PUNK??! ;D

Kyle Bailey
Kyle Bailey

Brings new meaning of leaving it all on the field. \m/ GO TEXANS \m/

Edie Stavinoha
Edie Stavinoha

I was wondering that very thing this morning. Thanks for asking!


@CraigHlavaty No Mick Foley? =(


@cfaust Let the list-makers make the definitive lists.


@CraigHlavaty The Definitive Lists is a pretty good band name.

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