Downtown Light Rail Closed This Weekend

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Not this weekend
If your weekend plans including tooling around downtown on the light rail, get ready to make some adjustments.

Businesses and residences will be open as usual, but construction between the Downtown Transit Center and UH-Downtown stations will be suspended and buses will be used instead.

The shuttle buses will operate every 10 minutes, Metro says.

Why the shutdown? " Systems ductbank work and demolition preparing for new track for METRORail expansion," says the agency.

Regular rail service will continue between the DTC and Fannin South.

The shutdown will take effect from 9 p.m., Friday, Sept. 14, 2012 to midnight, Sunday, Sept. 16, with regular service back up Monday morning.

A map, of sorts:


Location Info


Metro headquarters

1900 Main St., Houston, TX

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Tim Curry
Tim Curry

Excellent coordination with Museum District Day.

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