J.J. Watt: Five Obstacles That Are As Difficult to Get Around As His Pass-Blocking Paw

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Il ne passerant pas
Check out our slideshow of the Houston Texans' season opener against the Dolphins.

The Texans got a season-opening win, thanks largely to defensive lineman J.J. Watt's continuing proclivity to blocking passes and turning them into points.

Maybe someday the NFL will learn not to throw the ball in Watt's direction, but until then he's proving to be a difficult obstacle for opposing QBs to deal with.

How difficult? This difficult:

5. Mini-golf windmill
Sure, this guy accomplishes the task, but he probably never had to be an Aggie receiver. We just know we could never get past one of these things without a mulligan or two, just like Ryan Tannehill Sunday.

4. Whack-a-mole
You can knock it down, but it's just going to show up somewhere else, ready to annoy.

3. A TSA groping
You can't avoid it, just like you can't avoid a huge J.J. Watt paw blocking your airspace. Not suggested: Groping back, like this woman does. Although she seems to get a kick out of it.


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