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We've had some good results when our Abrahan Garza has roamed the Houston streets mashing up present-day scenes with old photographs.

Today, as part of our annual Best of Houston® issue, he's at it again.

"Houston: Now & Then" takes a look at how the city has evolved -- or hasn't.

Garza hunts up vintage photographs of the city -- something that is harder to do than you'd think -- and finds their current locations. He then waits for the magic moment when time, light, angle and karma combine to make the perfect mash-up that brings past and present together.

Here are some examples, with Garza's accompanying information; jump online for the rest.

Photos by Abrahan Garza
4. Bob Seales Auto Co -- 1517 Milam Street at Leeland
Standing at the current location of the Exxon Building, the Bob Seales Auto Company dominated the corners of Milam and Leeland as well as Travis at Leeland. It might have even been known as Bob Seales corner but there isn't much history about him.


3. City Hall Reflection Pool -- City Hall 808 Bagby
This photo from the 1960s is a calmer look at today's dramatic skyline. It also shows that you could see three city blocks away before the Shell Tower One became the tallest building in the city in 1971 and blocked the view.

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I love these mash-ups. It's always fascinating to see how the city has grown. Also kinda sad seeing how many older building were razed for cookie-cutter building or parking lots.


this young man has a certain genius about him


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