Week 3 Highlights of FFL (Fan Fighting League): Redskin-On-Redskin Fan Brawl Zapruder Analysis

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Hail to the Redskins...
A couple weeks ago, I launched the maiden week of my new fighting league, the Fan Fighting League, dedicated to bringing you the best in pro sport fan fights from around the globe.

Week 1 gave us a quartet of Buffalo Bill fans taking on an entire section of New York Jet fans with very mixed results. Week 2 of the NFL season really didn't give us anything, so we will call that our bye week.

This brings us to our bout for Week 3, and we go from friction between two fan bases to a house divided. That's right, a little Redskin Fan on Redskin Fan, Sean Taylor jersey on Sean Taylor jersey violence!

Let's go to the footage, shall we?

All right, let's break this baby down...ZAPRUDER STYLE!

0:05 -- "You are looking live at the parking lot outside Fedex Field in our nation's capital, Washington, D.C."
Tensions are probably very high as, after a season-opening win over the New Orleans Saints (which actually felt important before Carolina and Kansas City proved that practically anyone could beat the Saints), the Redskins just lost their second game in a row, 38-31 at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals. The cameraman (more on him in a little bit) has sniffed out a fight that's about to go down.

0:15 -- You can actually breathe easy for a few seconds.
Sadly, the cameraman's "sixth sense" to determine the impending first punch of a fight is paired with his very tiny set of balls, so he doesn't move in any closer, possibly out of fear of catching a stray punch. As a result, our vantage point is shaky at best. Still decipherable, but not as stellar as Fake John Cena's work on Week 1's Jets Fan-Bills Fan instant classic.

0:27 -- Some passers-by actually ask to tagged in this video on YouTube, which means they are either (a) kind of stupid or (b) don't have a job where showing up on YouTube videos that become evidence in a court of law matters. I'd definitely say (c) all of the above.

0:31 -- And BOOM! There's the first punch!
As best I can tell, here are the players involved in this week's FFL Fight of the Week, and they appear to be broken off in two distinctive tag team units:

-- Sean Taylor #21 White Jersey and Brian Orakpo #98 White Jersey: Taylor's strengths appear to be that of a striker, while Orakpo's strength appears to be his spot on impersonation of a speed bag. Their collective strength is they are wearing the same color uniform so they actually feel like a real WWE tag team, in a way.

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@PayneNFL @seancablinasian love the show, but wwe does not constitute fighting. Lol. #ufc #doublerods


@SeanCablinasian Cut em some slack. You'd fight your friends too if you and your friends were Redskins fans. #raidereast


@SeanCablinasian great read again...but know this, they rest easy this year without Detroit on the schedule! We travel and we roll deep


@seancablinasian I'm always amazed at the people that want to fight at sporting events or the ones that want to fight when they're with their kids. Then again, looking at these troglodytes I'd imagine they forgot what they were fighting about 6 secs into the battle royal. Question: Is it legal to abort someone in the 90 trimester?


@SeanCablinasian Always a great read. Love the blogs bro. I can only hope for more #FFL recaps in the future


@SeanCablinasian you were hacked last night. You should prob change your pwd

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