The Daily Show on Cafeteria Food, and Why the Criticisms Will Never, Ever Apply to HISD (According to HISD)

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Can't be beat!!
The Daily Show has tackled the tackling of an apparently growing problem -- kids don't like cafeteria food.

As TDS points out, in terms of complaints this isn't exactly new -- kids have been turning up their noses at cafeteria food for as long as there have been noses to turn up and cafeteria food to turn them up to.

The Houston school district serves up more food than any other district in Texas, and is not immune to criticism. Our food blog has checked the various offerings from time to time, with expected results.

But for all the carping seen in the Daily Show video linked here, there is one place where HISD finds itself free from such criticism -- namely, whenever it writes about itself.

Check out HISD's recent takes on itself and see if you wouldn't want to change those dinner reservations from Dolce Vita to Yates High School.

First, here's the Daily Show take:

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And here's why this would never, ever apply to HISD.


6. No news is good news
HISD Food Services has a Twitter account that's part of their effort "to keep you informed of important Food Services information."

Since it was last updated on Valentine's Day ("Elem students loved Valentine's Day Lucky Tray, 2 random students that ate a school lunch won a valentine's pillow pet!") and March 29 to announce Math Science & Tech Night, we can only assume everything's hunky-dory in HISD food land.

5. Twilight Zone time!
From the Food Services' Web site: "HISD Food Services is serving up a healthier you!"

From the classic 1962 Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man": "Mr. Chambers! Don't get on that ship! The rest of the book, To Serve Man, it's... it's a cookbook!"

They wouldn't....would they?!?!

Nah, we're pretty sure they wouldn't. Pretty sure.

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HISD serves Aramark slop because they're more concerned about their vendor relationships and contracts than providing real food to our kids. 

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