Creepy Kitty Cadaver Suggests Montrose Cat-Killer at Large (W/Sick Photos)

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Photos by Paul Davis
The Montrose tree / cat grave
Yesterday afternoon, along with his son, Paul Davis embarked on a Montrose-area bike ride / photo expedition. While they relaxed under the speading arms of a majestic live oak on Marshall Street just west of the spur, he noticed something peculiar sticking out of a hole partway up the trunk.

The semi-skeletal remains of a dead cat.

Davis believes it is possible, if not likely, that the cat climbed haflway up the tree, laid down on its back, and died peacefully there of natural causes. He thinks a far grimmer scenario is more apt to be true: the cat was killed elsewhere and placed there by a sicko for shock value.

After the jump, we have Davis's fairly graphic photos (if you want to see them -- you've been warned), and info on how this could be part of a years-long trend.

There has been a pattern of this sort of vile animal cruelty and exhibitionist sadism in several adjoining Inner Loop neighborhoods. Crime Stoppers is now offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest of a serial cat mutilator in the Greater Heights area. (That one struck us at home, apparently.)

Back in 2009, authorities were wondering aloud if the same killer was also operating in Montrose and River Oaks.

Even cat-haters and neutrals should want this psycho (or psychos) off the street. Many a serial killer sharpened their claws on animals before turning on humans.
The pictures, after the jump:

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gossamersixteen topcommenter

Odd how heartless people are when it comes to cat's, don't appreciate your air of indifference one bit...

Hanabi-chan topcommenter

If the cat was a stray or if it was a household pet let out a night, does not matter. If the kitty was killed by a human, then whoever did that deed needs to be caught and thrown in jail, and possibly committed to a mental hospital afterwards. Just because the poor dear was out and about gives no one license to be cruel to the cat.  People who abuse animals are trash in my book and need to have the law brought down on them rather harshly.


This would not happen if the owners would not let cats roam at will? Susan did you ever think that maybe the cat was a stray?

Susan Phillips
Susan Phillips

This would not happen if the owner's would not let cats roam at will.

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