Surely Bill Brown Will Still Broadcast Astros Games Next Season. Right? Right?

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What? Bill Brown might not return next season.
Last week the Houston Astros attempted to give us Weekend at Bernie's involving Joe Niekro. Then they misspelled Jim Deshaies's name in the post about Niekro. And in wake of the erector-set billboards blocking the views in left field, one can only wonder what the Astros are going to botch next.

What's that, Bill Brown might not be part of the TV broadcast crew next season? There's no way the Astros are that stupid. Seriously, no way. Oh, so that's what Bill Brown said. Damn.

"I'm just going to be really open to whatever happens," Brown told David Barron of the Houston Chronicle yesterday."It's difficult to know what plans are. Until somebody expresses interest, there's nothing I can do. I need about a month to think, and I think that by that time, things will crystallize a little bit. I'll be fine with whatever happens."

If you've followed the Astros for a while, you're aware of the Bill Brown/Jim Deshaies team, perhaps the best broadcast duo covering baseball -- Vin Scully's one-man show in Los Angeles is still the best thing going. And you're no doubt aware that the best reason to watch the Astros on television the past several seasons has been to listen to Brown and Deshaies call the game. They've got great chemistry and listening to them is like sitting next to the smartest and funniest person you've ever known.

They don't talk down to fans. They don't try to pretend like the current Astros product is the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread. Their criticism is fair, and it's not over the line. They're not homers, but they take joy when the team's successful.

And now, according to Brown, who turned 65 yesterday, there are changes being planned for the TV broadcasts, and one of those changes may involve Brown in some role other than that of play-by-play voice. And that would suck.

"I need some time to think after the season," he told Barron. "It's hard to say right now. People are telling me, 'You would not be happy' (without calling games), and I get that. I think there's a lot of truth to that."

This is the first time in my memory of Brown's time in Houston that he's ever spoken about his situation with the Astros. So for him to come out with this now makes me think that the Astros have come to him with their new plans, and he's not happy with these new plans.

The story also states that Comcast SportsNet Houston and Astros management have had limited contact/conversations with Deshaies, Patti Smith, Greg Lucas and Bart Ennis regarding next season. That's kind of important given that the Astros are the majority owners of Comcast SportsNet Houston along with the Rockets and Comcast. So one would think that maybe the Astros would have opened up some type of talks.

A spokesman with Comcast SportsNet told Hair Balls that that group is currently under contract with Fox Sports, and that it would not be proper for Comcast to be talking to them while they are under contract.

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Brian Burch
Brian Burch

I am a huge baseball fan but the Bill Brown / Jim Deshaies-- Johnny Carson / Ed McMahan routine has gotten old,, Deshaies says something and you geta Pavlovian chuckle from Brown,, I am good with him out of the booth to tell you the truth,, McCrane is cleaning house,,

johnnybench topcommenter

John, it seems to me that the obvious explanation is that Brownie is considering retiring or pulling a Milo and dialing back his games to home games or some similar arrangement.  I don't see how this could be interpreted as the Astros trying to push Brownie out. 


@KevinBassStache Say it ain't so!!

gossamersixteen topcommenter

The Queen of giants moles can go, that giant flagellum on her face is utterly distracting and just south of gross.


@John_Royal I sometimes wonder if it's the duo that makes it great or just Deshaies? If they did replace Brown, what about Dave Raymond?

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