"In The Air Tonight": 5 Things About What Has Somehow Become Sport's Biggest Get-Psyched Song

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I can feel it in the locker room tonight.
We had 790's Big Show on yesterday as we were coming in to the office, and the subject turned to pre-game get-psyched songs, a discussion triggered by the lameness of Clay Walker's Texans anthem "It's Football Time In Texas."

Co-host Lance Zierlein began tossing out possible replacements, which seemed heavy on the rap. Former Texan N.D. Kalu, a co-host on the show that follows LZ's, chimed in -- somewhat sheepishly -- that his all-time favorite song to get revved up to was....Phil Collins's "In The Air Tonight."

Phil Collins -- pasty Brit, Alamo nerd, studio creator of smooth semi-rock -- hardly seems the type to inspire players in one of the world's most violent sports, but Kalu and the rest had to agree that a whole lot of football players turn on "In The Air Tonight" when the pre-game clock is ticking down.

But the song cannot be denied. Just reading about it here means that sometime in the next half hour, unconsciously, you will have drummed your desktop to its Big Moment. Any song that serves the same purpose for everyone from Da U to current Dodger, former Cardinal Nick Punto doesn't have to prove its popularity.

Five things about this 31-year-old song you might not know (and forgive us for any un-musicianly slip-ups; we just listen, we don't write, read or understand music.)

Look ma, no hands
5. Brought to you by the Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm
The slow, long build-up to the Big Moment is powered mainly by a drum machine called the Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm.

It's programmed to the "Disco-2" pattern. Other options that could have been used: Rock 1-4, Waltz, Shuffle, Slow Rock, Swing, Fox Trot, Boogie, Enka, Bossa Nova, or Chacha.


Are you ready for some Enka? Here ya go:

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Jww Weghorst
Jww Weghorst

I hated that song then, and I hate it now...LOL.

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