Hunger Games, World's Worst Bob Costas, 300 Dead Pigeons: Photos From Terrible Olympic Events

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London is drowning -- with swimming obstacle courses?
The 2012 Olympics are barreling to a close, with just a few days before the most over-the-top ceremony since the opener a few months back (or so it seems, in terms of how long ago it was).

There have been many highlights, from Michael Phelps winning gold medal after gold medal to a badminton scandal (REALLY?!?) to the brave decision by some beach volleyballers to get up and stand up for their right to all but bare their butts.

But still, these London games can't live up to the past. Because, as a search of the photo archives shows, they had some really weird Olympics back in the day.

Check out these bits of history:

8. Katniss Calling
If Katniss Everdeen covered up every square inch of flesh with a burka-like tent, would she have the same appeal? Jennifer Lawrence never wants to find out.

7. Rope Climbing
Rope climbing was a very, very tough ticket back in the day, but the crowd apparently liked to arrive late and leave early, like Dodger fans. And by "arrive late and leave early," we mean "not show up while any damn Rope Climbing is going on."

6. Synchronized Arm-Crossing
This competition got its start from the Victorian-era adage that encouraged young brides on their wedding night to "lie back and think of England."

Points were awarded not only for the inflexible strength of the arm-cross, but for the degree of disgust and horror demonstrated as the newlywed gets her first look at the ol' wedding tackle.

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