Vince Young Cut By the Buffalo Bills: 6 Awesome Things About VY's Twitter Account

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The Vince Young heyday, such as it was.
It's hard to believe now that in April 2006, there was actually a legitimate debate nationally over whom the Texans should take with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft -- Mario Williams, Reggie Bush or Vince Young. It's less hard to believe that here in Houston, there was practically no debate. Most Houstonians (non-Aggie category) thought that, for many reasons (some football-related, some marketing-related, most David Carr-related), Vince Young should be the Texans' pick.

Hell, two years into their careers, the case for Vince actually still looked fairly strong. But eventually, Vince would prove that his mental toughness had a definitive shelf life (about two NFL seasons), as he was benched early in the 2008 season for Kerry Collins, who would go on to lead the Titans to a 13-3 record. Meanwhile, Williams was doing just enough in Houston to make the rest of the league think, "Hey, maybe he was worth the first pick overall!" (Hint: If you have to debate it, then he wasn't totally worth it.)

Fast-forward to Monday morning; two teams later and a teammate of Mario Williams, Vince Young was let go by the Buffalo Bills after a dismal audition for their backup quarterback job on Saturday in a 38-7 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The outing against the Steelers got off to an inauspicious start with Young throwing an interception on his first passing attempt, keeping the trend alive that he had started in Philadelphia last season when he threw a pick in his first attempt of the regular season in relief of Michael Vick.

It never really got any better on Saturday. Young finished 12-26 for 103 yards, and ended up throwing a second interception on top of the first one.

The Bills had seen enough, and they've finalized a trade with Seattle to bring in Tarvaris Jackson as the backup quarterback to incumbent starter Ryan Fitzpatrick. I'm not sure what the end point of a quarterback's career looks like, but if a team is willfully bringing in Tarvaris Jackson to replace you, safe to say you can probably see it from there.

From about 2008 on, it's been one thing after another with Vince, from his weird disappearance the day after being booed off his home field in a game against Jacksonville to his declaration on his first day as an Eagle that Philly had assembled a "dream team" (a "dream team" that would finish 8-8, by the way) to recent legal difficulties surrounding a $1.7 million "lockout loan" attributed to Young, but possibly taken out by his former handlers (who Young is now suing).

Young has made roughly $60 million in his career, but Lord only knows how much of it is left.

To Young's credit, he appears to be handling his ouster in Buffalo with the utmost class, as he gave thanks to the fans in Buffalo for the treatment he received in his short career as a Bill:

Of course, since I am fascinated by Twitter, what was going to be a more lengthy story about Vince Young getting cut, will now take the hard right turn into an analysis of his Twitter account. There are several awesome things about Vince Young's Twitter account. Six, to be exact, and they are as follows:

6. Let's start with his good-bye tweet above. Vince, for some reason, decided to put quotes around it. He does realize that he doesn't need to quote himself, right? Seriously, why did he decide to put quotes around that?!? I'm mesmerized by that. The sad thing is, I know there actually is zero reason that he did. Instead, he probably just put them there because punctuation felt right, or he'd seen a guy use quotes before or something.

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Wow, I know at least one radio personality who is still a little butt-hurt from the 2005 Heisman rankings. How about an article detailing the illustrious career of ND's pride and joy, Mr. Brady Quinn?


He knows how to punctuate "y'all" properly. That puts him ahead of most commenters.

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