County Attorney Vince Ryan Sues Apartment Complex for Harboring Crime

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Vince Ryan's office targets an apartment complex.
Harris County attorney Vince Ryan is asking a court to force a southwest-side apartment complex to beef up its security measures because it is currently a hazard to residents.

Ryan's office has filed against the owners of the 251-unit Point at the Southwest, in the 11500 block of Keegans Ridge Road near Beltway 8 and U.S. 59.

The suit requests that the complex be ordered to "hire additional security guards, install surveillance cameras, screen prospective tenants, improve security lighting and repair dilapidated fencing and gates," Ryan's office says.

As it stands now, the complex "harbors criminal activity, drug offenses and robberies," the office says. From May 2010 to April 2012, HPD responded to more than 300 calls at the complex, Ryan's office says.

Joining the action are the management district from Brays Oaks, Sharpstown and Spring Branch.

It's the latest in an ongoing effort by county officials to target criminal hotspots through injunctions and other forms of court relief.

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Public Safety is the responsibility of the municipality and the County.  So why doesn't he just sue the county for harboring criminals and force the county to hire an adequate number of police officers?  Oh, wait.  He's the one that would have to hire the officers...


Probably harbors a lot of Section 8 and illegal aliens as well.  But we can't discuss those subjects in polite company, can we?


 @roadgeek Can we discuss the fact that some people think being an asshole is a point of pride.

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