Trey Sesler, Anime Film Critic Who Murdered His Family, Gets Life Without Parole

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Trey Sesler in menacing mode.
Trey Sesler, the 23-year-old YouTube anime critic who had been charged with killing three family members in rural Texas, has entered a guilty plea and been given life without parole, Waller County prosecutors say.

Sesler gunned down his parents and a brother and then led cops on a daylong manhunt before being found in March.

He entered the guilty plea yesterday to capital murder charges.

DA Elton R. Mathis issued a statement:

In my six years as District Attorney I have never seen law enforcement come together and work toward a common goal like they did the week following the Sesler murders. Chief Rehak did an excellent job assembling a team of competent and dedicated law enforcement agents in a short period of time. There are too many people to individually name, but there are a few that I would like to personally thank. Officer Michael Mathis of the Waller Police Department deserves special recognition for his attention to detail which helped in the apprehension of Trey Sesler. Texas Rangers Jeff Wolf and Pete Luna masterfully handled the interviews and interrogation of Sesler following his arrest. Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith's team of investigators and S.W.A.T. unit were at the ready to protect both the citizens of Waller and Hempstead as different leads came into the Waller P.D. regarding Sesler's location.

I would also like to personally commend the Waller City Council for the foresight they had in supplying evidence storage and other resources needed by the police department for what could have been a protracted and costly endeavor."

A video Sesler made:

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Stanley Smith
Stanley Smith

That twenty three year old turd is in for a rude awakening.


First, this article needed proofing before release. Header is terrible. TROY should be TREY and they were murdered in WALLER not Houston.

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