A&M Shooter Thomas Caffall's Disturbing Facebook Page: Yoda, Emily Dickinson, Commie Guns

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Thomas Caffall: Lover of Yoda, Emily Dickinson, and guns
Thomas Caffall's mother told the media yesterday that she had been worried about her son's mental state, and from looking at his Facebook page, it's easy to see why. Having a right-wing gun nut in the family is one thing. Having one who goes around quoting Yoda and Emily Dickinson is another.

Caffall joined Facebook a little less than two years ago, when he was apparently living in Temple, and used his first post to gloat on the Baylor Bears' 2010 gridiron victory over the Texas Longhorns. (As an Aggie, this was an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" deal.)

And then it was straight into what appears to be his most abiding love: East Bloc weaponry.

His next post was a link to a Fox News article about a Florida car dealership that threw in a free AK-47 for every new truck purchase. "anyone looking for a new car needs to read this!" Caffall noted, and then liked his own post.

In November of 2010, after a couple of trivial posts about washing shit off his beloved dog and the greatness of his own home-made buffalo wings, and after posting his now-infamous smirking head-shot, Caffall waxed intellectual and trotted out some words of wisdom from Edmund Burke, Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill.

czech gun.jpg
The Czech assault rifle Caffall purchased last year.
Caffall grew sentimental around Christmas and exhorted his friends to repost some mush about friendship. He also posted another saluting America's heroic war dead.

And so the year ended, but not before he had liked both Bristol and Sarah Palin, pistol-makers Beretta, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, the Tea Party Patriots, and a group battling for repeal of Obamacare. (He later shifted his presidential allegiance to Michelle Bachmann; coincidentally, the cop he killed shared that last name.)

Caffall was also a NASCAR fan, but his taste in music was less suspect: save for a love of KISS and Ted Nugent, Caffall was on-point: he was a fan of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, White Stripes, Jimi Hendrix, ABBA, and the Violent Femmes. (Okay, that last one's a little creepy in this context. We're shivering while imagining Caffall really digging Gordon Gano wailing out the uber-chilling "Country Death Song.")

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you know if I were a deputy, serving anybody any kinda papers, I'd take a look at his Facebook page first. 

gossamersixteen topcommenter

I don't trust an Aggie with a gun, any of them.  Grow some corn, go pilot a boat, but leave the guns to people with >80 IQ's thanks..


Texas textbooks were right. Time to ban Emily Dickinson. @panopticon13


The shooting was near campus, but not on campus. To say it is an "A&M Shooter" is like saying a shooting near the UH campus, but not related to the university, as the "UH Shooter."

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