App of the Week: My Top Ten Most Used Apps

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3. Instagram
Like the iPhone, it took me awhile to come around to Instagram, but now that I have, I really do enjoy the filters and the ease of posting images both to its social network and to others. As a photographer, I find it to be a pretty creative tool even if it is "just a toy," as some would have you believe. It doesn't make you a photographer, but anything that teaches people creativity is fine by me.

2. Facebook
This app is such a piece of crap, but it is the ONLY piece of crap that allows quality access to the social media monolith that is Facebook. Mobile has clearly never been a substantial priority for Zuckerberg Inc., but when you need to like someone's inspirational photo of a sunset, you don't have much choice.

1. Echofon
I'm a Twitter junkie. I have been since it started. Maybe I'm better with 140 characters than I am with paragraphs -- let's hope not -- but I just enjoy the back and forth of the medium and there's no better way to access it than through Echofon.

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Correction: The Facebook app WAS a piece of crap.  They released an update JUST YESTERDAY (same day this piece was's that for writer karma?) that actually works.  It's a big improvement over the old version; they've added some sorely-needed features (like a "share" button) and external web pages actually load and display now. "Update all" from the App Store and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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