App of the Week: My Top Ten Most Used Apps

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6. Google Maps
This is the one app that comes standard and rightfully so. In the same way Shazam makes it feel like we are truly living in the future, imagine being told 30 years ago you could carry around a detailed map of the entire world on a machine the size of a deck of cards. That's how incredible it is.

An Instagram photo of an Instagram photo. How meta.
5. Google Chrome

I started with Safari and moved on to the wonderful, if a bit convoluted, iCab, but I have settled in with Chrome. It is my desktop browser as well, making the connection between the two seamlessly functional. It loads quickly, looks great and instantly updates bookmarks across my platforms. I have no need for any other browsers.

4. Weatherbug
I've said for a while now that this is my weather app of choice and it remains so. It is fast loading, detailed and easy to use. Plus, it sticks with what it does best. It doesn't try to include every little thing -- like hurricanes, for example -- but does what it is designed to do well, the mark of a great app.

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Correction: The Facebook app WAS a piece of crap.  They released an update JUST YESTERDAY (same day this piece was's that for writer karma?) that actually works.  It's a big improvement over the old version; they've added some sorely-needed features (like a "share" button) and external web pages actually load and display now. "Update all" from the App Store and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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