RNC Hoopla: Ted Cruz Saying Stupid Things, Fitting in Just Fine

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Cruz pumped Hurricane Isaac's gonna get some
Ah, the Republican National Convention. Glitz. Glamour. Ted Cruz -- our newly-anointed Texan conservative savior -- saying really dumb things. And Christianity. Lots and lots of Christianity.

But first, back to Cruz, who's scheduled to address the convention tonight. So here's the deal: This is his first major appearance on a national level -- especially if you don't consider the meh performance he turned in on Meet The Press earlier this month -- but he's apparently already adopted the Republican talking-point triumvirate: lower taxes, less government, and awkward jokes about Joe Biden.

Cruz yesterday said he was "thankful" for Hurricane Isaac because it's caused Biden to cancel a two-day tour of Florida this week. Later, he announced, "there will be a brand new keynote speaker tomorrow night -- Joe Biden. ... Every time Joe Biden speaks, he gets Republicans votes." Hahahahaha. Good one, Ted! Whew!

Sure, this wasn't as bad as that Todd Akin character who said "legitimate rape" won't make a woman pregnant, but this was still a pretty stupid thing to say for several reasons.

For one, Hurricane Isaac is rumbling toward Hurricane Katrina-ravaged New Orleans as the first tempest to beset the Gulf Shore since 2008. Then there's the fact that hundreds of Republican planners have gone into Bridezilla mode fretting over the major news networks dispatching top correspondents to New Orleans -- not Tampa.

But all of that's minor compared to the main reason Cruz's comment wasn't correct. The GOP Senate nominee said the storm had him stoked because it forced Joe Biden to cancel his two-day tour of Florida.

Let's get something straight: Biden injecting some Bidenness into the RNC would have been awesome. Not because it would have gotten any additional votes for the Democrats -- because it wouldn't have -- but because Biden would have said something utterly ludicrous that would have brought us all much mirth.

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Maybe Cruz will jump on the new message bandwagon that's become the Romney campaign during the last week: Obama's base is welfare folks, really lazy ones, cheats even, who don't have to look for work now due to Obama. (Oh did we mention Obama's the Kenyan socialist black guy who's not like you or my running mate?)

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