Rick Perry: Whatchya Gonna Do With All That $$$?

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Rick Perry: Does Texas want more Rick Perry?
Since Gov. Rick Perry abandoned the fetid remains of his failed presidential bid last January, he has socked away $1.94 million in political contributions, bringing the total amount of ching deposited with Texans for Rick Perry, his political action committee, to $3.4 million, according to recent campaign contribution reports.

This has raised several important questions, the most important one being: Does this mean Rick's not going anywhere? If the cash is any indication, it looks that way. Whether Perry decides to run for an unprecedented fourth term or not (campaign slogan: Rick Perry: Why not?), this amount of money means Perry isn't fading into the night. He's here to stay -- for now, at least. Here are three possibilities:

Governor For Life
Perry, 64, who's already held his gubernatorial chair longer than anyone ever has in Texas, hasn't officially announced he's running yet, and, granted, we're still two years away from the election. But at this time during the last electoral cycle, in 2008, Perry had $2.9 million in his coffers, less than he does now. He brought that cash to bear during a bruising primary clash against U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison before trouncing Bill White in the general election. This time around, he may have to contend with Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott, who will have ample ammunition against Rick.

It's been a tough year for the governor. He got humiliated on the national level in the GOP Republican primaries, has allowed ideology to trump economics in his governance and then backed the diffident David Dewhurst for the Republican Senate ticket only to get out-conservatived by the insurgent Ted Cruz.

Still, he's got that stubborn streak about him. Why not give it another go? "We thought he wouldn't serve beyond ten years and now it seems he'll serve over 14," says Houston political consultant Marc Campos. "It might be too late for him to find a second career. He's comfortable being governor. It's all he knows how to do.

"And he could be raising money just to say, 'Hey, if you're going to run against me, come and get it. The Texas way. Come and get it."

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Wow that was a long comment. What's wrong cant see a book? Anyways R.Paul and R. Paul are a nut case. We all know it. He is more liberal like Bloomberg. They both are nuts. That's why I stick to what I am good at. which is selling cars http://buyherepayherenationwide.com/michigan They should stick to comedy.

johnnybench topcommenter

I thought he already retired.  Oh, he's just receiving his retirement benefits early?  Damn.


Pay back the taxpayers for his rented mansion?


@HairBallsNews my money is on a backyard BBQ blowout!

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