Pedro Rosales, Who Tried to Pin Child-Porn Stash on a Young Relative, Gets 20 Years

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Home sweet home for almost 20 years?
If you're going to get caught with a computer filled with hundreds and hundreds of stills and videos of child pornography, it might be best to have some kind of explanation.

Pedro Rosales, 33, thought he had one.

The Houston resident tried to convince a "a minor relative" to take the blame for the disgusting collection (which included bondage photos featuring victims under the age of 12), going so far as to pull the innocent kid out of school to fess up, "believing that if the juvenile said the content was his that he would not be prosecuted due to his young age," federal prosecutors say.

A search of Rosales's computer equipment yielded more than 600 digital images and approximately 36 videos which contained child pornography, prosecutors say.

Rosales pleaded guilty in December to distribution of child pornography, and today he got his sentence from U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore: Almost 20 years.

He is in custody and will remain so until he's shipped to more permanent digs.

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