Because It's Friday: 10 Great Photos of Obama with Kids

Just checking it out....
The presidential campaigns are ramping up, even though the heavy action doesn't come until after the conventions and Labor Day.

But while we still have time, perhaps it's best to take one last look at White House activity that doesn't include attack ads, policy positions or focus-group polling.

Let's look at the president interacting with kids.

Fortunately for his fans, President Obama seems absolutely comfortable around children, something you couldn't say about, for instance, Richard Nixon (and you can just go ahead and substitute "human beings" for "children" in that previous sentence).

And the administration is diligent about recording such moments. The White House Flickr page offers countless intriguing shots of life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, including behind-the-scenes peeks that you can't find elsewhere.

One of the more famous Obama-kid shots is the one above and to the right, featuring a young guy who wasn't convinced the president's hair was just like his own.

But there are others -- like these ten, all courtesy of the White House.

10. He belongs to the blank generation
Mohawk? Check. Plaid shirt? Check. Unimpressed snarl as he's held by the most powerful man in the free world? Double-check. The only thing detracting from the DIY punk attitude here is the neon-green pacifier strap by Obama's thumb, but maybe that's for raves.

9. I'm flllyying
Puts us in mind of John Candy as Divine playing Peter Pan on SCTV, but that's a good thing. The kid seems to be enjoying himself, to be sure.

8. Sir, yes sir!!
No, he isn't holding his nose. He's concentrating on giving the most important salute yet in his young life, and doing a great job at it.


7. Second place is first loser, kid
The kid's got the right idea, taking the corner tight while Obama drifts wide, but she's got some serious ground to make up.

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Nice! It reminds me of the Nat'l Geographic documentary on The President's Photographer, which shows the relationship between the presidents of the last half-century and the ubiquitous photogs assigned to them, I mean like every minute. Makes you wonder how any dresses got stained, with that much coverage...anyway, there's one shot of a young black boy looking at Obama during a personal appearance somewhere, and I don't care if you despise Obama, you'd have to be stone-cold dead not to be be touched by the emotions in the boy's face: "He's black like me...." Brought tears to my blue eyes....


Obama really seems good with kids, so why can't he get more traction with a childish Congress?



Kylejack topcommenter

Hate this meme that's been floating around lately. There's a Tumblr and everything. Drone strikes continue to kill children in Yemen and Pakistan.


@HoustonPress is that Gary Coleman in Photo #4?


The author would make a great intern for the President.

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