The Mean, Evil, Bored & Ashamed Faces on 13 NFL Team Logos, Ready for Their Close-Ups

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The evil-twin dolphin?
Our long national nightmare, otherwise known as the football offseason, is nearing an end.

Exhibition Preseason games are in full swing, for better or worse. (If you watched all -- or even most of -- the Cowboys' 3-0 win over Oakland Monday, seek help.)

Still, the appearance of the pads and unis is always a welcoming sight and gets the blood pumping. But have you ever taken a closer look at some of those NFL logos?

Many of them, of course, are just stylized emblems, designed to vaguely remind people of a falcon or a horseshoe.

But many feature faces, whether human or animal, and let's just say some pull it off better than others. All are going for a look that says "football tough," of course, but not everyone climbs that mountain to the top.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Not so much mean as he seems to be rolling his eyes in exasperation and frustration at the photo shoot. "Pally, not to rush ya, but I got a 4:45 with Sports Illustrated, you know what I mean? You think maybe you got what you need by now?"

12. Oakland Raiders: A fearsome marauder? This guy looks more like an account executive who's just gotten home to Cinco Ranch and is about to be forced to deal with some "Wait till your father gets home!" crap instead of watching SportsCenter.

11. Philadelphia Eagles: This putatively fierce face is actually a reaction shot from the moment that the Eagle sees Michael Vick writhing in pain on the ground from yet another season-crippling injury that could have been avoided by throwing the ball away.

10. Washington Redskins: Maybe they're trying for quiet dignity here, but instead the look just comes off more as utter disbelief that these white people are still rationalizing away the use of the term "Redskin."



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i've always wondered why the dolphin on miami's helmet isn't the same as the team's...


the old bucaneers logo used to be known as "barry gibb"...


as for the redskins, many outside of texas use "texan" as a pejorative...  but i guess snyder and the nfl feel any criticism has yet to reach a level that would override the brand recognition invested in "redskins"...

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