Doctor's Dilemma: Medically Proving That Watching Pig Pornography Is Stressful

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I may be adorable, but watching me get busy with a lady can cause you severe emotional distress.
Seems as though the only thing Jerry Wilson didn't do was make his employees watch Two Girls, One Cup. But everything else, apparently, no matter how disgusting or creepy or totally, totally against the law, was just fine. (Allegedly.)

According to a lawsuit filed in Harris County in 2010: Jerry Wilson, president of Premier Adjusters Inc., pulled a Brett Favre and forwarded pictures of his junk to his female employees, forced them to watch pornography involving a pig banging a woman and, in a moment of Socratic inquisition, asked one woman whether she would like "a big ole gooden or a good ole biggen?"

Jerry wilson.gif
Jerry Wilson: Would you like "a big ole gooden or a good ole biggen?"
There was the evidence. There were the witnesses. And there was one (alleged) extremely disgusting scumbag. Seemed like a cinch of a case. But there was one problem, which has caused a few plaintiffs to recently get dropped from the suit: no medical evidence. You see, explained plaintiffs' attorney David Mestemaker, the women didn't properly line up their sexual harassment accusations with the Texas Labor Law, which meant they had to file a suit that required the women enter medical records proving there was "severe emotional distress" inflicted by Wilson's alleged conduct.

The lawsuit says the women suffered "severe emotional distress" as well as "nausea, sleeplessness, night terrors, loss of sexual desire, depression, and loss of enjoyment of life."

These charges, of course, raise a rather metaphysicial question: Does watching a pig oink a woman elicit "severe emotional distress?" Emotional distress, sure. But severe? There are lots of things that make us severely emotionally distressed -- Four Weddings on TLC. Michele Bachmann. But can a doctor evidence our anguish?

So here's what's happened: Beth Parchman, who originally filed the suit against Wilson, has been dropped from the case because she didn't produce the medical documentation. She says she wasn't told to by her lawyer, Mestemaker, who she theorizes took bribes from Wilson to purposely throw the lawsuit.

Obviously, we're no doctor, but Parchman sounded pretty emotionally distressed on the telephone when describing Wilson: "He was texting me pictures of his...of his -- stuff," she said. "Implying that he was masturbating and sending me pictures all over. He's a total and complete pig. He's insane. Completely insane."

Parchman says Mestemaker told her not to worry about the medical records.

Mestemaker, who's soldiering on with two other women who were able to furnish the medical documentation, had this to say: "I've never been paid a penny on this case, and it's cost a significant amount of my money developing this case."

But come November, he's bringing the rest of the lascivious goodies on Wilson to the public, adding, "It's going to be a fun one."

Wilson didn't return Hair Ball's request for comment.

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One thing I`ll never understand when it comes to cases like this, you see it all the time, some douchebag pervs on some people, and then those people start to cry and call for their mommys and call the cops and theres just no end to it. And then they whine "the bad man scared me, he made me do or watch something horrible and now I want him to pay for it". Here`s an idea, how about the next time some idiot steps out of line just hit him in the face. I`ll never understand how people let themselfes be stepped on and then assume the police will make everything allright. How about taking control yourself? If some guy had tried to make me watch a video of pigs fucking people he would have to be rushed off to hospital with severe facial injuries. No whining, no cops, no "oh please mister bad man, dont do this", just one swift BANG and its over. People need to man up, all of us need to man up, stop taking this shit and push back, fast and firm. The next time that weird stranger rubs up against you on the bus, dont call the cops, dont back down like that, hit him the fucking face right away, its that easy.

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