Arlon Wayne Hough: "Great Dad" and Accused Spouse Abuser, Poses for Year's Most Ironic Mugshot

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Houston County Jail
Arlon Wayne Hough: A better candidate for the Wayne Hall of Fame than the Pantheon of Great Fathers.
Rumors of irony's death have been greatly exaggerated.

Case in point: 47-year-old Arlon Wayne Hough. The Crockett man is currently in Houston County Jail, charged with aggravated assault of a family member. Police there say there was an incident in the rockingly named town of Austonio involving Hough, his wife, threats and a pistol fired in the house. There were no injuries, thankfully.

Which brings us to that mugshot. Yes, sharp-eyed readers, Hough really is rockin' a T-shirt that brags, "THIS is what a GREAT FATHER looks like."

If that's the case, we'd hate to see an average, or, shudders, a bad dad, because as is typical of a man with his unfortunate middle name, Hough's rap sheet is as long as a row of East Texas cotton plants, even if it is mostly for petty drug offenses and an astounding number of vehicular misdemeanors. (From looking at his records, it looks like he hasn't had a valid license for decades but drives everywhere anyway.)

But then there was that arson case up in Carthage back in the '80s.

At the time, Hough was angry at his ex-wife for leaving him and not letting him see their child, so one night he broke in their trailer while they were away, flicked a Bic on his ex's bedspread and hauled ass out the back door while the trailer burned to the ground. Because that's what great dads do when they aren't allowed to see their kids.

His ex later told him that if he would confess to the crime, she would drop the charges, reconcile with him and they would be a happy family again. Hough did confess, but unfortunately for him, his ex didn't have the power to drop the charges. That decision lay in the unforgiving heart of Panola County DA Danny Buck Davidson (read: Matthew McConaughey from Bernie ).

Though the proceedings took forever, Hough eventually was convicted of arson and sent to prison for three years. (And in reading his unsuccessful appeal of that conviction, it looks like his ex was playing him all along.)

In that appeal, there is at least some evidence indicating that Hough is the great dad he claims to be: When he burned down the trailer, he stole one item and one item only: an 8-by-10 photo of his son. The same one he had just rendered homeless, but hey, it's the thought that counts.

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Time for THIS one to meet HIS "daddy" Big Briely Joe Bubbalicius "Bey-Bey" Brown... Yeah this skrony-azz gonna make a real good spoon-ee and a nice "whoppie-cushion" for Big Bubba.

Nolen Holcomb
Nolen Holcomb

I have to share this with my friends, who are not immersed in "real" East Texas lore or Texas journalist flair. Thanks!

MadMac topcommenter


DeHorne Sia
DeHorne Sia

Not ironic at all, you can be a great father and also a bad spouse.

Becky Ardell Downs
Becky Ardell Downs

Please please could this be the sequel to "Bernie"? "More stories from Carthage, TX"?

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