Know Your Local Media: Adam Wexler of Sportstalk 790's The Big Show Dishes on Bad Callers, On-Air Chemistry

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It's been a long time coming for Adam Wexler, co-host of The Big Show mornings on 790 AM. Always one of the smartest guys in Houston sports talk, he bounced around to various stations and time slots, from morning to evening and back again. But the magical on-air chemistry he had with Matt Jackson eventually led him to his stint on the most popular morning sports talk show on Houston radio.

Wexler's dry sense of humor and encyclopedic knowledge of sports -- never mind his obviously intense preparation -- make him an excellent foil for Jackson and third co-host Lance Zierlein. The show has rapidly grown to be one of the best listens in town, and Wexler's calm, rational viewpoint is a huge part of that and why I ranked him number three on my list of best sports talk show personalities in Houston a few months ago.

He was nice enough to answer a few questions for the listeners.

5. You bounced around a bit before you finally landed the morning drive time slot. Did you ever consider leaving the radio business? If so, what did you consider doing instead?

Once I got into the radio business back in 1995, I've never considered leaving the sports media game. Radio gives us the best outlet to interact with fans, more so than TV or print, so I truly enjoy it.

Since 1995, I was only out of radio for a year or two, but stayed busy as the editor of a couple of sports publications, Space City Sports and Houston Sports News, and as the sports producer at KPRC Local 2 Sports. I had a "real job" a long time ago, when I parlayed an internship with the Houston Aeros into a five-year gig as a staff accountant, assistant controller and director of merchandise. Let's just say I'm hoping to steer clear of another 9-to-5 gig.

4. You and Matt Jackson have worked together for a long time. How has that chemistry developed?
It developed over time, but not that much time. We immediately became friends when working at the same station, despite not working together. We just loved talking sports then, just like we do now. We covered a lot of games together and welcomed the opportunity to hit the airwaves together when it became available.

He was working evenings and I joined him on the NightShift, and we had a blast doing shows with the evening listeners, with games going on and all the great things that "only come out at night!" One of the reasons why I made the move to 790 to do mornings was specifically to work alongside Matt.

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Jackson is clearly the weak link among the three. He shoots from the hip, espouses uninformed, fragile opinions and defends them to no end; despite regularly having his ass handed to him by LZ and Wex. Not to mention, Jackson possesses no relevant knowledge outside of sports and the most mundane pop-culture pablum. One big strike against Wex; unfortunately, he's a longhorn.


The "Sports Dorks" in the morning on 790.  MJ & AW suck bad w/o LZ.

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