Dogs Seized from Spindletop Need a Loving Home, So What's Your Deal?

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Seriously, yo, who's going to take her home tonight?
A dozen dogs seized from the Spindletop Dog Refuge last month are still at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter and in need of forever homes. So what the heck are you waiting for?

They all vary in breed, age and temperament, but they're all the same in one crucial way: They've all languished in the non-care of Spindletop heads Leah Purcell and April Longhurst. Fortunately, thanks to the help of dedicated volunteers and staff, they've been getting much-needed TLC at the animal shelter. (They're also fully vaccinated and worm-free.)

Shannon Hill, president of the Montgomery County Animal Society, says the shelter prefers the dogs go first to 501(c)(3) rescue groups.

For pics of the dogs, visit the Montgomery County Animal Shelter's Facebook page.

"Since these dogs have been through a lot of stress, we are doing our best to set them up for successful adoptions by sending them to rescues first," Hill told us.

Hill tells us that, while there is no definite deadline right now for how long the dogs can remain at the shelter, "the bottom line is that space is limited, and the shelter has huge daily intake numbers on a regular basis. It is critical for these dogs to be moved to rescue as quickly as possible."

Two of the dogs have serious behavioral issues and can only be released to rescue groups with a proven record of handling such special cases.

Anyone interested in getting one of these awesome dudes/dudettes can e-mail Hill at (Be sure to put "Spindletop dog" in the subject line so she knows it's not yet another plea from a deposed Nigerian prince or an offer for cheap Canadian Viagra.)

A special shout-out goes to the folks at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, the Humane Society of the United States, California-based RedRover and the Houston area's Guardian Pit Bull Rescue, whose folks are already fostering a bunch of Spindletop pits. These groups, and others we'll be kicking ourselves for forgetting to mention, really gave it their all in order to give these dogs a shot at a wonderful future.

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Indioscopper-  501c groups in Houston are responsible for FAR more true adoptions than Mongomery County Animal control.  I can assure you this.  You don't know what you are talking about.  Spindletop was a hoarding situation and no one knew it.  Most true 501c rescues (at least the 6 I have worked with)  use LOCAL fosters did not send the dogs to Spindletop. The dogs were dropped there by individuals who didnt know what to with a dog they found or they wanted to dump is somewhere.  Most  Houston 501c groups are not hoarders and they DO NOT send dogs all over the country.  If you're not there to help,  get off your high horse and find something useful to do. Thanks and you are so ill-informed and probably just a breeder or something.


that's how spindletop got their dogs to begin with. they are a network of rescuers who are animal traffickers. shelters need to stop offloading their unwanted dogs on them to meet no kill numbers. poor dogs.


indioscopper, the Houston Press is a LOCAL paper and the plea is for local area groups to step up and get these dogs out of the shelter


what's the deal? the deal is the dog mill industry is grinding to a hault as more and more "rescues groups" are turning out/exposed to be just like spindletop and worse with fraudulent fundraising and expenses (vetting/boarding/transporting/grooming/training all get paid first out of "donations. !!!" so why would you think advertising to toss them into the national "auction/sale" in this article? it's more humane to keep them at a county pound and/or use LOCAL fosters and aggressively saturate your LOCAL papers with pictures (shot by local volunteers.) not to mention adopt them out to a LOCAL home. sorry, but most rescue groups that are non profits tax exempt are on the greedy side and part of the animal trafficking network. these dogs are given to them by good shelters and prostituted nationally in the worst of conditions (spindletop, boggs mountain rescue.) the county pound needs to set up their OWN chip in and collect the millions of dollars in donations and "adoption" fees that these crossposters and service providers get ! there are too many cooks in the kitchen. keep dogs local, STOP dog milling.


@mona56 very good, except most "local groups" are not local at all. they are posing as rescuers but they ship dogs all over the states. why not get the groups to work with you and keep the dogs at the shelter until they get adopted. they will wind up at another spindletop !


@craig.malisow maybe you're not familiar with the dark side of animal rescuers. there are more unsavory "rescuers" and "shelters" just like boggs mountain rescue and spindletop than there are good ones.

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