The Six Worst One-Game Uniforms You'll See in the 2012 College Football Season

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Nebraska's new star halfback
Look good, feel good, play good?

Not in these cases.

This list doesn't include full-time offenders like Houston, who substituted a perfectly slick design for a blob.

Instead, these universities -- some with long traditions -- will subject us to a fashion upchuck on select game days.

6. Michigan
There's nothing special about these Adidas-designed threads -- which Michigan will wear for its opener at Cowboys Stadium -- with the additional dollop of yellow across the shoulder pads. More pointless than rotten, no uniform is going to help the Wolverines upset the Alabama Crimson Tide, even with their star (albeit overrated) QB Denard Robinson under center.

5. West Virginia
"It's a recruiting thing," said WVU Head Coach Dana Holgorsen when the Mountaineers' gray duds (and we mean duds) were unveiled. "If you look across the country, we're behind on this. Everyone is going (Nike) Pro Combat. Everyone has three or four new uniforms. We're far from that. It's recruiting. Why is everyone doing it? Because the kids want it." Really? The kids want to wear something that looks like a road baseball uniform? We guess it's better than the expired mustard look.

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