Week in Photos: 4th of July Graffiti

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Each week, we take a dip into the Houston Press Flickr pool and see what our talented photographers have been up to. We're looking for pictures that represent the best of Houston, from food to art to events, to secret hidden spots of beauty. Just drop them in our Flickr group right here. Maybe you'll see them in this spot next week.

As always, for more information on a subject or photographer, just click on the photo.

4th of July Graffiti -- Agua, Earl, Esro (Houston Graffiti)

Crab caught with a chicken bone. Near Clear Lake TX






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Publishing photographs of graffiti vandalism only glorifies an illegal and very damaging activity.  Graffiti crimes are very selfish - the vandal takes a space and subjects the rest of us to his/her idea of what is cool.  This most commonly is the tag or name of a particular graffiti vandal   Graffiti experts often consider graffiti vandalism as a gateway crime.  The same disrespect for the belongings of others often escalates into acts of theft and forced entry.  As noted at www.DefacingAmerica.com , graffiti is a very costly and hurtful crime.  Yet there are many steps communities can take to reduce and control graffiti vandalism.  

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