USDA's Meatless Monday "A Slap in the Face!" Texas Ag Commish Says

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Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples feels betrayed by the USDA
In a blog post today, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples says the U.S. Department of Agriculture's call for Meatless Mondays as part of a green environmental effort is a gross betrayal of everything the federal government should stand for.

He calls for the firing of whoever came up with that slogan -- even though the USDA almost immediately distanced itself from an internal newsletter that had mentioned it.

In part, this is how Staples's blog post read:

I'm in full agreement with America's beef and dairy industries as they call bull on USDA. In an online newsletter to its employees, USDA had the audacity to encourage people to go green by promoting "Meatless Monday" as a means of preventing climate change. Talk about a slap in the face!

Last I checked, USDA had a very specific duty to promote and champion American agriculture. Imagine Ford or Chevy discouraging the purchase of their pickup trucks. Anyone else see the absurdity? How about the betrayal?

Not one to dial back the dialog, Staples asked, "Why should our hardworking beef producers be paying the uninformed enemy's salary?"

The mention of Meatless Monday in the newsletter referred to the idea that natural resources such as water and fossil fuels are wasted in the production of meat. The Cattlemen's Association was not amused, and the chiming in began.

As ABC News reported, a tweet went out from the USDA saying it was not a supporter of Meatless Mondays.

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And if I chose to have a vegetable soup made with local Texas produce instead of lamb chops from New Zealand? Good God, there are some real doofuses in Austin.


How dare anyone suggest people go without meat one day a week.

Hanabi-chan topcommenter

With the spike in prices for meat, people might find themselves having a few more meatless days a month.   Guess that makes them an "uninformed enemy" in Todd's simplistic world view.

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