Ten Television Tech Advances That Have Made Watching Sports More Interesting

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5. Camera Angles

Some are insightful -- like the straight down camera in football games -- and others are gimmicky -- the catcher cam? -- but the addition of multiple cameras and angles around stadiums and arenas has changed how we watch the game. Think of how cool it is to watch a diver from start at the top of a platform to finish at the bottom of the pool, all in one seamless camera shot.

4. DVR

More than anything else, the DVR is a handy tool that means you don't have to stay glued to your TV no matter what. Hit pause and you can grab a snack or hit the little boy's room without missing a second. Pro tip: Set the DVR to record the first 30 minutes to an hour of the game and you can blow through the commercials and still watch in near real time.

3. Slow Motion

Perhaps no invention has helped to illustrate just how fast sports really are. Seeing an athlete slowed down to frames per second demonstrates just how incredible they really are. Slowing a ball down clears up bad calls and allows viewers to get a view of the details of a pitch or throw or shot.

2. HD

Before high-definition television, no one thought that TV held a candle to the visual experience of sitting in a stadium. It may not have altered that entirely, but it got damn close to leveling the playing field. A great movie in HD is amazing. A great sporting event in HD can be transcendent.

1. Bigger Screens

Nothing has changed spectator sports in the home like big-screen televisions. Going from a 13-inch, black-and-white box to a 60-inch, rich color flatscreen is like going from a horse-drawn carriage to a NASA rocket.

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of all the people you could have picked to put their picture up and say that they are druncks you pick someone who does not drink at all and I am offened that you just pick someone you know nothing about. Is this how you do youe job? What a joke. You need to be stopped before someone gets hurt.

I have said it over and over their are no  real reporters any more just want to be's and guess what keep doing what you do and you will never get there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am offended by the picture you have decided to include in this article. My husband who is pictured here and referred to as the drunken a******* has never had a drink besides coca cola at any of the Texans game we have attended. He is an avid, passionate, fan of the game of football. Mr. McNair has even used his photo to refer to him as the "ultimate Texans fan". So please everyone reading this blog do not have a jaded view of every Texans fan, especially the one pictured here. He is a dotting father of three young girls, and a volunteer firefighter in your community. I would hope you would shake his hand and say thank you rather than point fingers and name call. Thank you for your time.

His loving wife of 12 years.



the caption of the pic refers to your husband as "this guy"...  the "drunk asshole" referenced in the first paragraph is not part of the picture's caption, nor does it refer to whoever is in the pic...  you can make that leap, i guess, but i find it odd that now two people have made this connection...


what say you, mr balke?...




 @mookie56 Yeah, exactly. I just tried to choose a photo that one of our photographers had taken of a loud fan to illustrate the point. I did not call him drunk in the caption of the photo (as mookie pointed out), nor should anyone draw any conclusion between my post and the photo itself. It's just a really good photo of someone yelling his ass off at a game, which was something I tried to point out might be annoying to some. Frankly, that's probably me at Rockets games, so I personally have no issue with loud fans. But, this was a post about why people might prefer TV to live and that was more the point.


No offense was intended at all. Sorry if it bothered you.

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