Ten Television Tech Advances That Have Made Watching Sports More Interesting

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Photo by Marco Torres
You don't have to deal with this guy in your living room unless he's your buddy.
Seeing a sporting event in person is one of the more enjoyable parts of being a sports fan. From the smell of the grass to the roar of the crowd, it can be an exhilarating experience, particularly if you are fairly close to the action. On the other hand, tickets are expensive, sitting in the nosebleed seats reduces the game to one of those mechanized football toys we had as kids and there's always that one drunk asshole who makes life miserable for everyone in the section.

The good news is that the advancements in TV and sports technology have made it almost better than seeing the games in person. There are those who believe it actually is better. Some of us remember what it was like to squint at a black-and-white TV with interference from the antennae, so we can relate. It's probably not an adequate substitute for being there, but it has made the home viewing experience a hell of a lot better. Here are ten of the tech advances that have so dramatically improved watching games in your living room.

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10. Field/Court Microphones

Whenever you hear the swish of a basket or the crack of a bat or the thwack of helmet-on-helmet tackles, you can thank the microphones positioned around the field of play. In the case of the net, it's on the backboard. Those sensitive mikes are designed to bring the sounds of the game into your living room. It's damn effective.

9. Behind the Scenes Audio

Speaking of sound, few things take fans behind the curtain like audio from coaches and players. The in-car NASCAR radio feeds are particularly fascinating. It's the type of insight you just can't get at the game unless you are sitting in the huddle.

8. The Ticker

While 24-hour news networks have turned news tickers into an homage to obsessive-compulsive disorder, sports have managed to find a balance of reporting scores and still allowing the action to take center stage. The ticker is particularly helpful to fantasy freaks who need to see if they are getting their ass kicked by a ten-year-old kid from Pittsburgh.

7. Ball Trackers

It is impossible to track the flight of balls in flight in many sports. The strike tracker in baseball lets us know just how blind the umpire is, and the golf ball tracker for the PGA might be the only way to actually see a ball in flight. Trackers have become so effective, they are now used for challenges in pro tennis matches.

6. Field Markers

There are numerous technologies that would be handy to have at a game, but arguably none for an NFL game are more important than the digital lines that float across the field at first down markers or let viewers know how far a team needs to go on a game-winning drive to get in the field goal kicker's range. If a game is in the snow, it might be your only way to know where the team is on the field.

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what is a dotting father? does he put small dots on his children?


of all the people you could have picked to put their picture up and say that they are druncks you pick someone who does not drink at all and I am offened that you just pick someone you know nothing about. Is this how you do youe job? What a joke. You need to be stopped before someone gets hurt.

I have said it over and over their are no  real reporters any more just want to be's and guess what keep doing what you do and you will never get there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am offended by the picture you have decided to include in this article. My husband who is pictured here and referred to as the drunken a******* has never had a drink besides coca cola at any of the Texans game we have attended. He is an avid, passionate, fan of the game of football. Mr. McNair has even used his photo to refer to him as the "ultimate Texans fan". So please everyone reading this blog do not have a jaded view of every Texans fan, especially the one pictured here. He is a dotting father of three young girls, and a volunteer firefighter in your community. I would hope you would shake his hand and say thank you rather than point fingers and name call. Thank you for your time.

His loving wife of 12 years.



the caption of the pic refers to your husband as "this guy"...  the "drunk asshole" referenced in the first paragraph is not part of the picture's caption, nor does it refer to whoever is in the pic...  you can make that leap, i guess, but i find it odd that now two people have made this connection...


what say you, mr balke?...




 @mookie56 Yeah, exactly. I just tried to choose a photo that one of our photographers had taken of a loud fan to illustrate the point. I did not call him drunk in the caption of the photo (as mookie pointed out), nor should anyone draw any conclusion between my post and the photo itself. It's just a really good photo of someone yelling his ass off at a game, which was something I tried to point out might be annoying to some. Frankly, that's probably me at Rockets games, so I personally have no issue with loud fans. But, this was a post about why people might prefer TV to live and that was more the point.


No offense was intended at all. Sorry if it bothered you.

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