Meet Sunny: From BARC to Broadway

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Photo Courtesy of BARC
We hear Sunny's rider has a provision requiring three room-temperature rawhide chews and a Frisbee in her dressing room after every performance.
ZZ Top, Dennis Quaid, Heaven's Gate cult co-founder Marshall Applewhite -- Houston has exported its share of talented entertainers, and now we'd like to add one more to the list: a Houston Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care adoptee named Sunny who will perform on Broadway in Annie.

The 2.5-year-old border terrier mix was chosen to play the beloved orphan's dog, Sandy, after a nationwide search, according to BARC.

"We are just thrilled," BARC Spokesman Chris Newport said in a press release. "We know that we've got great pets at BARC, but we didn't realize we could source talent for Broadway. This really proves that the animals we have at BARC and other shelter pets aren't broken, they just had some bad luck in their past."

She was "'discovered by William Berloni Theatrical Animals, Inc., Broadway's leading animal trainer," according to the press release.

Newport told Hair Balls in an e-mail that Sunny was a stray who came to BARC with a leg injury, possibly from being hit by a car. "She's already taken care of the 'break a leg part of show business,'" he wrote (although he forgot to send a wave file of that drumroll-and-cymbal-crash thing.)

Sunny nabbed the gig after auditioning for the show's producer and director; the whole process is covered in an upcoming NBC documentary, Annie's Search for Sandy. (It airs October 27.)

We're sure Sunny will love all the attention, and maybe she can broker a deal with some power agent and reboot the beloved Beethoven franchise. It'd certainly do a world of good for Charles Grodin. But we digress: This is certainly a unique story, but it's a welcome reminder that, if you're looking to adopt or foster, you can make your own happy story by adopting a fur-friend who may not ever be a Broadway star, but will definitely be a star in your home.

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