Old Houston Photos Mashed With Modern Houston, Part 3: Cleaners, Carpets and Chevys

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Old, meet new.
Check out the first and second installments of old Houston photos mashed up with modern-day Houston.

Here we go with our third installment of vintage Houston photos mashed with their present-day locations.

This round we show you several different locations surrounding downtown and Montrose. Also, we go back to 1992 and revisit a British invasion (that happened 20 years ago this Sunday) that even made the boys weep.

01 1601welch.jpg
Photos by Abrahán Garza
8. 1601 Welch

Land's Cleaners. Hidden in heart of Montrose, this building is currently being used as mixed use office space.

02 1634kewpie.jpg
7. 1634 Westheimer

Kewpie Cleaners & Dyers. Currently an empty lot across from Poison Girl.

03 1832alamo.jpg
6. 1832 Westheimer

Alamo Carpet Company, Floor Covering Specialists. Offering Air Conditioned and Ample Parking Spaces. Currently the home of Paulie's Restaurant.

04 knapp.jpg
5. 815 Houston Avenue

Perhaps the strongest standing building in Houston? Virtually unchanged, Knapp Chevrolet has been Downtown's only Chevy dealer since 1939.

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OMG! Wouldn't it be cool if you could find and interview that first person in line for Morrissey..Josh!  Or Paul Carpenter. Are they still radical? Movers and shakers? Or suburban weekend grill masters? 

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