New Crop of Texas License Plate Designs Include State Troopers, UH and Sorority

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The State of Texas has unveiled a new batch of license plate designs and is looking to Texans for guidance on if they should release them. Last year, we goofed on the state with a batch of license plates we didn't think would ever make it onto the list of choices in Texas. Not surprisingly, none of them did this go-around, but there were a few interesting choices, including a new design for the University of Houston plate. UH already has a design, but the new one is, well, fancier.

Others include a state trooper-themed plate that benefits the Texas DPS Troopers Foundation; a new, cleaner, black-and-white state of Texas plate; and designs for the schools Trinity University, University of North Texas and Tyler Community College, which has, essentially, a pinup model on it. Finally, there is a design for Delta Sigma Theta, a predominantly African-American sorority.

If we had known they were doing fraternity and/or sorority plate designs, we would have suggested Delta Tau Chi or Lambda Lambda Lambda.

You can vote on whether you like these new designs or not here. Don't vote down the pinup!

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The new UH plate isn't "fancier," it  is the new school logo unveiled this year.

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