New Baylor Stadium: Now Texas Can Actually Have a Good College Football Venue

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Artist rendering of the new Baylor football stadium.
On Friday, Baylor regents gave a thumbs-up to the construction of a new $250-million stadium that will post up on the Waco campus and alongside the Brazos River. If Waco City Council green lights the $35 million tax increment financing zone funds that would be needed, then the 45,000-seat venue could be ready in time for the 2014 season.

More importantly, we could all say "good riddance" to the circa 1950 abomination that is the off-campus Floyd Casey Stadium. Too bad we can't bid adieu to just about every other college football venue in the state of Texas.

Think about it. With the exception of Texas' Darrell K. Royal Stadium, BBVA Compass Stadium (a.k.a. Dynamo Stadium, the new home of Texas Southern football) and quaint venues like Sam Houston State's Bowers Stadium and North Texas' one-year-old Apogee Stadium, most of the other big-time stadiums are dreadful.

Isn't it odd that a state so invested in football can't present the game in decent digs? Or maybe it doesn't matter since folks are so crazed that they'd sit on a railroad berm or in a hog trough if there was a football game going on nearby?

Either way, we rank the five lousiest, which doesn't include University of Houston's Robertson Stadium. Quite possibly the worst, plans are in the works to dismantle that piece and replace it with new one.

5. Texas Tech's Jones AT&T Stadium
Even after recent remodels, the place always feels uncomfortable. Maybe it's the subhumans fans that pack the joint?

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BBVA Compass Stadium

2200 Texas Ave., Houston, TX

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TCU just finished a $165 million renovation. Think that will be pretty solid visiting spot and Fort Worth is a great town. 


You do know where Baylor is located, yes?


Stanford hosted Super Bowl XIX.


Seating for 45k, you say? How, um, quaint.


Historic Rice Stadium.  Not a bad sightline in the house.  Great venue to watch a game.

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