Know Your Local Media: Jim Kovacik of 97.9 The Box Talks About Being White and The Atascocita Thugz

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It is difficult surviving local music radio in any city, but Houston in particular. Imagine doing that when you are basically the antithesis of the stereotype most assigned to your position. Think a punk rocker working at a country station. Jim Kovacik -- Jimbo or Jimbeazy as he is known to listeners -- has done it and lived to tell the tale.

Kovacik has worked as a producer and on-air personality at hip-hop station 97.9 the Box for over 20 years and, while that might seem like an interesting story, it gets even more interesting when you realize the wisecracking morning producer on Houston's largest urban radio station is white. He's clearly doing something right, and we asked him about it in our five questions.

1. How have you managed to stay at the same station for so many years in an industry where guys change stations with regularity?

A whole lot of luck. We have the best listeners in the city. People who have been with us since 1991 as kids and now their kids listen. I've been a part of every morning show and it's been a lot of fun. I did go to Philly for about six months in 2002, but I'm so glad I came back and things worked out this way. The crew on the Madd Hatta Morning Show is like a family.

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