In Honor Of Tonight's RAW 1000, The Definitive Timeline Of WWE's Victory In The Monday Night Wars (w/ VIDEO)

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October 13, 1997 - DX name themselves

By October 1997, Shawn Michaels had aligned himself with real life friend Triple H in a faction that got off two things -- sophomoric dick jokes and pissing off Bret Hart. Among several things, the significance of DX in this era was that it signaled Triple H's essentially ditching the Hunter Hearts Helmsley blue blood persona and morphing into a character with much more of an edge. (Ironically, this transformation would lead to him becoming a huge star, marrying Vince McMahon's daughter, and becoming ten times the blue blood in real life than Hunter Hearst Helmsley the character ever was.)

October 20, 1997 - Jeff Jarrett returns from WCW and shoots on everyone

In retrospect, the first signs of the chinks in WCW's armor started showing in late 1997, when former WWF stars who'd left for WCW's big paychecks began to return to the WWF, disillusioned with the playground that Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan had set up for themselves in Atlanta. Jeff Jarrett wasn't the biggest star this happened with, but he might have been the first. Also, in the spirit of realism, he goes with the quasi-shoot interview. All the cool kids were doing it.

November 10, 1997 - DX Post Survivor Series Promo

Well, as it turns out Bret Hart's "forever" lasted exactly one year and three weeks. The day after the most talked about day in wrestling history, the Montreal Screwjob, which saw Bret Hart have the WWF title essentially stripped from him in-ring with a phony submission call by referee Earl Hebner (the Joey Crawford of WWF officials) on his way out the door, Shawn Michaels and DX ripped Hart from pillar to post the next night on RAW. Ironic part here: Rick Rude, DX's "insurance policy," would show up on WCW Monday Nitro the next week, the same week RAW would be running a taped show which would include Rick Rude. This made him the first superstar to appear on both shows in the same night. (In the ultimate "last laugh," the final person to pull of that feat would be Vince McMahon, the night he simulcast himself onto both shows after buying WCW in 2001. The lesson, as always, don't fuck with Vince McMahon.)

November 17, 1997 - "Bret screwed Bret"

If the seeds for the evil "Mr. McMahon" character were planted back in March when Bret Hart dog cussed him for screwing him over, the flowers began to fully bloom on this night, when Jim Ross conducted this interview with the WWF owner, his eye still jaundiced from the shiner Bret gave him after the Montreal Screwjob.

December 15, 1997 - Austin throws the IC belt in the river

While Bret and Shawn were winding down their little tizzy, the two stars who would launch the WWF into the stratosphere over the next two years were just getting warmed up. The Rock and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin were battling over the Intercontinental championship, a warm-up for what would be multiple Wrestlemania main events in the next few years. On this night, Austin decided to throw the IC belt into a river and tell Rock to go fetch.

January 19, 1998 - DX barbecue skit after Royal Rumble

Dick jokes, no shirts, taunting the Undertaker, and more dick jokes. This was DX. It was glorious time indeed.

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I'm not an apologist for Russo's work post WWE. But for him to only get a mention for his WCW run in an article about the Attitude Era is a total disgrace. It'd be comparable to authoring a piece on the PG Era and not mentioning Brian Gewirtz as the main creative force.



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