The Astros And The Fourth of July: 10 Moments to Remember

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This is the Astros final season in the National League. And since I was asked to provide a Fourth of July holiday post, I thought I would like back at some of the Astros games played on the holiday. There have been some memorable games, and some not so memorable. And on at least one instance, there were some real fireworks between the Astros and the Reds.

10. July 4, 1991:

This Astros team went 65-97 on the season, and it was pretty bad. Yet this is, in many ways, my favorite Astros team. Jeff Bagwell and Luis Gonzalez were rookies. Craig Biggio had just been moved to second base. Ken Caminiti was settling into third base and Steve Finley was getting consistent playing time in centerfield. And on this date, the Astros went to San Francisco and beat the Giants 14-6 behind the pitching of a very young Daryl Kile.

9. July 4, 1998

I would argue that this team, which went 102-60 on the season, was better than the 2005 squad that went to the World Series. Bagwell and Biggio were in their prime. Moises Alou was in his first season with the team. Billy Wagner was lights out in the bullpen. Shane Reynolds, Mike Hampton and Jose Lima were the top three starters, and Randy Johnson would join the team at the trade deadline. But on this day, Hampton and the Astros lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks by the score of 7-4.

8. July 4, 1986

This game was literally a preview of the NLCS as Nolan Ryan took the Shea Stadium mound to challenge Dwight Gooden. The Mets, as they would in the playoffs, got the win, defeating the Astros 2-1 behind a complete game performance from Gooden.

7. July 4, 1962

This must have been a miserable day to be a Houston baseball fan. This was the first major league season for the then Colt .45s, and the team played its games in Colt Stadium, a place that offered absolutely no shade. So of course the Colt .45s and Pirates played a doubleheader, and of course the Colt 45s lost both games.

6. July 4, 1965

This was the very first Fourth of July major league baseball game to be played indoors as the Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1 inside the Astrodome. The winning pitcher for the Astros was Claude "Frenchy" Raymond, who just happened to come from Quebec, Canada.

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