Eight Awesome Events That Should Be Added to the Olympic Games

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Every couple of years, the world turns its eyes to a country to watch the pomp and circumstance, the agony and the defeat (as the brilliant Jim McKay put it), the drama and potential glory that is the Olympic games. This year's spectacle are the summer variety being hosted by London. It will be hard to top the scene that China staged in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but the Brits will give it the old college try.

As classic summer events like basketball, swimming, diving, gymnastics, track and field and others pass before our semi-interested eyes, I have to believe at least a few of us will be thinking to ourselves, "There has to be more." The Olympics have struggled over the years to determine just what events they should allow in and what are consistently turned away. Is badmitten really worthy even if hearing the color commentator say "shuttlecock" repeatedly gives you the giggles? Are there other deserving sports that are not getting a shot?

In fact, I think there are quite a few. Here are eight of my favorites.

8. Roller Derby

Honestly, roller derby kicks ass. Who doesn't want to see a bunch of tattooed chicks riding around a wooden rink knocking the living shit out of one another? Ok, maybe it might be a little uncomfortable for certain fans and the rules are a bit on the odd side, but if curling has a spot in the Winter Games, we can't imagine why roller derby doesn't get a shot in the summer.

7. Wipeout

Have you ever watched this damn show? It's basically people bouncing off giant rubber balls and being shot with water canons before tumbling ass over ears into a muddy pool of water. It's genius! We are always so awed by the brilliance and grace of Olympic athletes. How about making a few of them look human on the old wipeout course? I say yes.

6. Parkour

Mixed Martial Arts made it into the Olympics, so, to me the whole "urban ninja" thing absolutely belongs. Imagine the kind of course they could create to foil these guys. The crashes would be as amazing as the athleticism. Bring it on!

5. Live Action Role Playing (LARP)

For those who have never been to the Renaissance Festival or have never seen the movie Monster Camp, LARPing is when a bunch of nerds get together to win the battle for Middle Earth or save the queen or something. It's sorta like Civil War reenactments, but with rubber axes and Zena costumes. If fencing can make the Olympics, why not LARPing?

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