Another Place The Man Won't Let You Dance: The HOV Lane

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Coming soon to an HOV lane near you.
Hollywood, we have your Footloose sequel.

Not the dreck that came last summer(? Who knows), but a fresh, exciting new reboot of the concept. We give you Footloose: High Occupancy.

When that dancin' fever hits and you just gotta kick off those Sunday shoes, it doesn't matter where you are -- and that includes if "where you are" is in the North Freeway HOV lane near New Haven.

It also matters not if there's a cop car nearby. Well, it matters in terms of your eventual arrest record, but in terms of cuttin' back before you crack, the difference is negligible.

One unnamed lady learned that the hard way shortly before midnight Monday, as several news outlets are reporting.

An HPD cruiser had to swerve to avoid hitting the joyful dancer, causing slight damage to the vehicle and a ride downtown for the woman. Charges are pending.

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