The Mets Impostor "No Hitter Celebrator" Is Awesome, But He's Kind of a Crappy Dad (w/ VIDEO)

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Should have dressed as Mr. Met
It hasn't been easy being a Mets fan these last few years. Since moving into their new home (Citi Field) in 2009, they have yet to crack the 80-win barrier. Also, mired in the throes of a Ponzi scheme, their ownership group has become a punch line.

But things are looking up so far in 2012! In a season where the Vegas total for Mets wins was projected to be 73.5, the Mets are on pace for 90 wins. A big part of that success has been the return of ace lefty Johan Santana, who has a sparkling 2.38 ERA through 11 starts after missing the entire 2011 season recovering from shoulder surgery.

On top of that, Santana pitched the first no-hitter in the history of the franchise last Friday night in an 8-0 win over the Cardinals.

In short, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate lately if you're a Mets fan. All the Mets would ask is that their fans refrain from celebrating in the field of play.

Enter Mets fan Rafael Diaz.

On Friday night, upon the final out of Santana's no-no, the Mets' bench and bullpen predictably stormed the field to celebrate this momentous accomplishment, another magical 2012 moment for these Mets. A moment with historical ramifications, ramifications so historical that Diaz (a lifelong Mets fan) couldn't resist hopping the wall on the first base side and joining in the festivities.

Watch the video below and at about the 0:32 mark, look for Diaz running toward the mound from first base. He should be pretty easy to pick out -- he's the only person wearing a Mets jersey who is also rocking a pair of jorts:

As always, let's break this baby down Zapruder-style:


0:32 -- The celebration begins, and out runs Diaz! When asked why he ran out onto the field, Diaz gave this answer (which is much funnier if you read it in a New York accent): "I couldn't help myself," Diaz said. "I just wanted to be on the mound celebrating the no-hitter." (The untold story is that there was a second gatecrasher by the name of John Ries who never made it past first base security, and spent the night in jail with Diaz. I like to think that as Ries was getting captured/manhandled by security, he tearfully implored Diaz to trudge on without him and tell the world his story.)


0:35 -- Diaz runs headlong into the pile, leaving both feet. The only thing that could have made this better would have been him jumping into the pile and somehow injuring Santana.


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