Robert Pemelton: The Smiling-est Damn (Alleged) DWI Mugshot Ever

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Photo by Harlingen PD
Robert Pemelton is all smiles.
Robert Pemelton decided to show off in his black Jaguar on a Harlingen street about 1:30 yesterday; unfortunately for him, a cop saw it all and stopped him.

Pemelton failed field sobriety tests, but apparently he doesn't feel too bad about it -- his mugshots show him all smiles, like he's having the funnest night of his life.

Maybe it's because he's used to the routine: Harlingen PD says Pemelton, 49, has been arrested for DWI before and they charged him with third-degree felony DWI.

A public-records search shows Pemelton has had three previous DWIs.

His Facebook page shows as one of his interests the re-election of Harlingen County Sheriff Lupe Trevino, for what it's worth.

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DUI Blotter
DUI Blotter

He might want to practice a different expression for the Judge.


That's how I looked after the Spurs lost last night.

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