Booing Rick Perry's Plug for Dewhurst? Other Possibilities

They're NOT booing!!
The crowd at the state GOP convention was listening to a very Rick Perry-like speech from Rick Perry when all of a sudden he injected that "my friend David Dewhurst" should be sent to Washington.

Then, booing commenced. Or so the lamestream media would have you believe.

Perry, ducking reporters after the speech (according to media tweets), hurriedly said he thought the crowd was saying "Deeewww" in honor of the lieutenant governor, who's being opposed for the senate by Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz.

Somehow we don't think he really believes that.

But certainly no GOP convention would boo such an establishment figure as David Dewhurst?

There has to be another explanation.

5. Cruz: A crowd of Texas GOP delegates endorsing a rightwing nutjob by drawing out his name like Jose Cruz at the Dome? They're far too reasonable for that, aren't they? Aren't they?

4. Ooooh: As in, "Why, that's a great idea, Governor! Hadn't occurred to us before!"

3. Mooooo: If there's one thing David Dewhurst is known for, it's probably not agricultural issues involving cows, but maybe those GOP insiders know more than the rest of us do.

2. Looooo: For some bizarre reason, all the Brits in the audience started asking where the bathroom was.

1. Foooooo: Unfortunately, the clip ends before they got to the "Fighters" part of the chant, but that's exactly the sort of duplicitous editing you'd expect from the Obama-loving MSM.

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Perry is a good governor. If you don't think so, then tell me this: why is Texas doing so well economically? I am seeing roads and infrastructure all over the place going up. Perry took none of the stimulus money.


I was saying Boourns.

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