NBA Draft Preview Via Prop Bets

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I know some people are not all that fond of mock drafts. Me, I like mock drafts. In the same vein of enjoying takeout because I hate to cook, I like reading mock drafts, I just don't like constructing them myself.

But somehow, some way I need to share some of my thoughts with you on this Thursday's NBA Draft. So how about I do that in a language we can all understand -- NBA prop bets!

(Odds are courtesy of Bovada,, Twitter: @BovadaLV)

As always, my comments are preceded by the always creative "SP:". Let's do this:

Will Dwight Howard be traded before the 2nd round of the NBA draft ends?
No -140

SP: As someone firmly in the camp of "The Rockets should trade whatever they need to for a year of Dwight Howard and then pray they can re-sign him," I hope I'm wrong on this one, but I have a feeling that a brand-new general manager in Orlando is going to be more inclined to try and sell Dwight on staying in Orlando than making some sweeping, franchise-altering deal for a bunch of draft choices and role players.

2012 NBA Draft -- Who will be selected with the 2nd overall pick?
Thomas Robinson -200 (1/2)
Any Other Player +150 (3/2)

SP: Rumor has it that Michael Jordan (best player ever/worst owner ever) is trying to move out of this pick and accumulate more picks lower in the draft, which is a disaster waiting to happen because this would require Jordan to make hard choices based on meticulous player evaluation. That's not his thing. Also, I feel like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is a better player at this spot. So the winds of rumor and my own personal feelings fly in the face of this pick. I think ultimately Jordan hangs onto the pick, so I'll go -200 on Robinson.

2012 NBA Draft -- Who will be selected with the 3rd overall pick?
Bradley Beal -200 (1/2)
Any Other Player +150 (3/2)

SP: All of the prominent mock drafts have Beal going here, hence the -200 payoff. However, we know that Cleveland likes Beal quite a bit, so how about the chance of them moving up to two by floating the 4th and 24th picks to Jordan? The Bobcats do that deal and there's a good chance they get to have their cake (Thomas Robinson) and eat it, too (move back for more picks).

2012 NBA Draft -- Who will be selected with the 4th overall pick?
Harrison Barnes 3/2
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 2/3
Any Other Player 3/2

SP: He should have gone two picks before this, but Cleveland (if they stay at four) are likely to draft Kyrie Irving's high school teammate. Also, if someone blows away Cleveland with an offer for four, it would likely be to move up and get MKG, who at this pick represents the last top-shelf player before we get into some bigger question marks.

2012 NBA Draft -- Draft Position -- Jared Sullinger?
OVER/Under 17 ½

SP: Let me say that I've never been a Sullinger fan. I mean, I'm sure he's a fine kid, but his game has never felt like one that would succeed at the NBA level. His sublime basketball IQ, passing skills and range on his jumper for a big are negated by a total lack of explosiveness that will make playing the post a huge chore for him in the NBA. And now he has back problems. No thanks. He'll fall into the 20's, likely to one of the Celtics selections.

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