NBA Draft Cautionary Retro YouTube Video -- Kwame Brown's Draft Night!

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1:59 -- Uncomfortable Sager hand-on-knee moment for Brown. Perhaps foreshadowing Pastel Craig coming out in the next few years. (Sager in the dark suit reminds me of old school WWF wrestler, the late Adrian Adonis, when he was a leatherclad biker and then one day in 1986, he showed up in the ring out of nowhere wearing pink tights, bows, and makeup applied to his face like a six-year-old that got into her mother's makeup drawer. Did Sager just show up one day in a lime green blazer with pink pants and a magenta tie a la Adonis? Again, help me out!)

2:03 -- Speaking of heel turns, Ernie Johnson in the goatee! I think this was the year he hit Hubie Brown with a chair while he was analyzing DeSagana Diop's upside.

2:06 -- Wow! It's Michael Jordan being interviewed by John Thompson after his first big personnel move, the first of so many terrible ones. Who knew back then we would be watching the seeds planted on one of the most laughable executive/personnel careers in recent history? Someday the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries wedding video will be viewed much like this YouTube clip, as documentation of the first in a string of baffling selections (although with Kim and Kris, I'm not sure whose selection of whom was more questionable).

2:30 -- Pretty sure Michael Jordan was the only general manager in the league at that time with a huge hoop earring in his left ear. I think maybe Jordan and Carroll Dawson were the only two.

3:08 -- Jordan: "This kid is gonna fit the bill for us." I think what he meant to say is "Who's gonna foot the bill for this kid?" It's what he should have said.

3:40 -- Jordan: "I think Kwame is gonna be just fine." Well, he has made over $58 million over eleven seasons for averaging 7 points and 6 rebounds and playing in a total of 18 playoff games, so yeah...he is gonna be just fine. Jordan was right about this.

4:40 -- Jordan cracks Charles Barkley on the way out, "Stay at TNT,Charles, I think that's your best bet." Right again, Michael!

Damn, it appears the only thing Michael wasn't right about was which player to take with the first overall pick. Unfortunately, that's what he was getting paid to do. And eleven years later, here we are, with Michael Jordan sitting back near the top of the draft.

Who will be this year's Kwame Brown?

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