Maurice McKnight: Family Sues Over Male Stripper's Deadly Stage-Diving Assault on Dad

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An enraged dancer kills a patron.
The family of a man killed by a male stripper enraged his tips had been cut off has sued the club and other companies associated with the incident, asking $4 million in damages.

According to the suit, Kelvin T. Elam Monroe, 37, accompanied three female business associates to a now-closed Austin La Bare in June 2012. Maurice McKnight, a convicted felon, was dancing and encouraging patrons to slip dollar bills in his costume, in the time-honored manner of such things.

Monroe gave the women money to place at the altar of McKnight's manliness, but after a while said there'd be no more.

He then made the mistake of going to the bathroom.

Doing so required walking near the stage, and a seething McKnight.

According to the suit, McKnight jumped from the stage and tackled Monroe from behind, causing the man's head to hit hard upon a table edge.

La Bare employees did what anyone (with no common sense or decency) would do in that situation, if the suit's allegations are true -- they dragged Monroe's body down the hall and out a back door, making his injuries worse. The father of two never came out of a coma and died.

McKnight, 44, pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges earlier this year.

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The truth of what really happened that night is not one the Family of the victum is ready to hear. If you are contact I was the DJ I was less than 8 feet from the incident you need to know the Truth


Sho 'nuf! You have a put a great deal more thought in reading my comment than I did in writing it.


 It raises a lot of questions, but it does not beg them. "Begging the question":  A logical fallacy in which a premise of an argument contains a direct or indirect assumption that the conclusion is true; offering a circular argument; circular reasoning or arguing for the truth of a conclusion by assuming it, or stating it in other words.


This story begs a lot of questions. For example, what were the three women doing while their friend's body was getting lugged out the back door of the strip club? Was this father of two there only to hand out the cash to his female friends for tips to the strippers?  Are there a lot of 44-year old strippers? I smell a feature film. 


@Joe They have no idea as to what really happened on that night. I'm the DJ that was less than 8 feet from the accident. Yes, I saw the whole thing. And it< s sad to know the only reason he is in jail is because he has been in Prison before.

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