Awesome: Jonathan Thompson, Arrested, Has Tattoo That Says the Constable "Can Suck My Dick"

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Photos by Trinity PD
Wear it proudly, inmate.
How to get on the good side of the people who have arrested you: Be sure to have, permanently inked on your arm, a message telling the head of that office that he can suck your dick.

Jonathan Thompson, 30, was arrested in Trinity for fighting with his stepfather. As part of the routine search to process him into jail, cops noticed his tattoo that mentioned the county's constable.

"Woody Wallace can suck my dick," it proudly stated.

Wallace, it turns out, had arrested Thompson previously on burglary charges, apparently getting the dude so steamed that he felt it necessary to get a tattoo that would ensure he'd be treated nicely in any future jail visits.

The tatted Jonathan Thompson
Reports KTRE:
"They have to take pictures of all their tattoos and he said, 'Make sure you get this one right here,'" Wallace said. "Then they all said, 'Woody, you got to get in here.' I saw it and said, 'Is that real?' and he said 'Yup!'"

We're sure he felt honored.

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 The almost sad if i cared part, is that if this guy had a good sixth grade education and perhaps read a book or two in his life he'd realize that he didn't have to brand himself the property of some local cop by tattooing the cops name on his body. I bet he's a good christian though and says jesux many times and frequently. Fucking loser.

Eliot C. Hall
Eliot C. Hall

That must have really gotten under his skin.

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