Joe Bankson, Gena Charlton: Liberty Co. Couple Sues Media, Sheriff Over That Psychic-Inspired Search for Mass Graves

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"I see....lawyers getting rich."
Remember last summer's sudden media hysteria about a large number of children's graves on a Liberty County home?

It was all inspired by a psychic who phoned the Liberty County Sheriff's Office, and, we think, some tipster in that office who gave out bad info that led outlets such as CNN to momentarily report that mass graves had indeed been found.

Amazingly enough for a psychic tip, it turned out to be wrong. And now the couple that owns the property, Joe Bankston and Gena Charlton, are suing, as our sister paper the Dallas Observer reports.

They have filed suit in Dallas County state court against the psychic, listed as "Jane Doe," the sheriff's department and various media outlets, including KPRC, The New York Times, CNN and Belo, which owns KHOU.

The suit says they suffered mental anguish and monetary damages by the false reporting and by cops letting the media watch the search.

Fake Mass Grave Complaint

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Eh. The claims against the media look pretty lame. Joe and Gena must not think that a bad psychic has deep enough pockets to pay them for their damages...


@Katy  The media outlets should have never entrusted this story lead.  It's not about the money.  These people had their lives ruined in the wake of a private family tragedy.  His constitutional rights were violated and his image was defamed.

Grab a freaking book and learn a thing or two about your judicial system. 

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