Houston Mom Escapes Robbery in Getaway Car

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The would-be bank robbers didn't successfully steal any money.
I don't think anyone's ever come up with a superhero whose special power is stopping crime by complete accident. Luckily we have the real-life equivalent, a Houston mother of four named Blanca, patrolling our streets.

Blanca was waiting to cash a check at Chase Bank on I-10 East when armed, masked men stormed the building. But instead of dropping to the floor, she bolted.

"I just ran...pushed open the first door and I threw a lady out of the way," she told KHOU. Ducking to stay out of the line of fire, she jumped into the nearest car and floored it, speeding down the road for a couple miles before pulling into a parking lot to call 911 from a Cricket store.

When police arrived on the scene, they told Blanca the car belonged to the suspects, who'd apparently stolen it from someone else. She was shocked. "Oh my god, it was their car," she said in the KHOU video. Weirdly, police arrested her for theft before the FBI cleared her of all charges.

Despite Blanca's inadvertent crime fighting, the robbers still got away by stealing another car, but were arrested shortly afterward, officials told Hair Balls. They are charged with attempted robbery because they didn't actually end up stealing any money. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the whole incident.

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She still stole a car, even if it was previously-stolen bad-guy car.   If that had been your car she stole, you would find it odd the FBI cleared her grand theft auto, especially if she had wrecked it.


This story is like something off mexican Tele in the 50's. Complete with stereotyping AY AY Blanca can you believe it ....

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