Glendon Bruening: Farm Worker Shoots Wad at Man Who Sexted His Wife

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Glendon Bruening: Not one to take guff.
Who knew the wheat fields of the Panhandle were so rife with lust and passion? Call this story 50 Sheaves of Wheat.

Per, Ochiltree County sheriff Terry Bouchard said that 61-year-old Glendon Bruening was enraged when he found out that a fellow reaper had been texting lewd images to his wife.

As you can see by his picture, Bruening looks like the last guy you'd expect to take that kind of guff from anybody.

And so on Saturday, amid the tall stalks of a wheat field north of Perryton, the self-proclaimed "Wheatheart of the Nation," the Biblically bearded Bruening laid aside bringing in the sheaves long enough to pick up a hoe and allegedly whack his rival repeatedly with the handle.

Apparently the hoe-bashing didn't achieve the desired outcome, so Bruening next snatched up his shotgun and fired it at the horny harvester's shoulder. Fortunately for the sexter, Bruening had previously removed the pellets from the shell, so all that erupted from Bruening's barrel was his wad. (On a side note, who knew that a news outlet in a place like Amarillo would dare report it that way? Our hats are off to you, Travis Ruiz of

Bruening was arrested, taken to Ochiltree County Jail and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony. He is currently free on $50,000 bond.

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The headline got me hard but the story made me limp. SHAME on the Houston Press for killing my boner


Who in the hell wrote this load of shit? WOW. i happen to know these people personally an i also know the REAL story. What your bullshit story should have been about was the pervert that got the shit scared out of him. his life story is a whole lot more to your liking than a 62 year old farmer stand'n up for his wife. o an by the way you should be real proud of yourself for posting this on there 42nd wedding anniversary. i have a pretty good idea y this story is coming out over 30 days after it happen'd. word of advice, you should probably get the facts before you decided to share it an make an ass of yourself. an trying to make this simple bs story out to be some xxx movie headline, damn man you should really get out more

John Nova Lomax
John Nova Lomax

Aw come on, y'all. He literally shot a wad at the guy. Plus, he looks like Moses, and he looks righteous in that mugshot.


Let me get this straight, this man shot a jizz bullet at someone?

David Houston
David Houston

Way to sex up a story...  Mind you, what does that say for the rest of us who were drawn here by the title?

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